History of Sunset Farm

The site consists of 3 detached buildings, mature trees, a small dam, and a landscaped garden. All buildings have structures over 60 years old and have undergone significant alterations in the late 20th century. Associated to these buildings are 20th c structures such as a swimming pool, carports, garden walls and pergolas. A list of alterations to the specific buildings has been done over the years.

Victoria Era Residence – The Farm House

This residence is positioned on access to the site’s access dating from pre-1938. The layout of the house is orientated towards the river with the living areas orientated away from Blaauwklippen road towards the Blaauwklippen homestead. The design of the house is organised along a central passage. The former owner informed the study that the house’s original Victorian features and layout was intact when she was a girl, but her father made alterations.

Apartment on Sunset Farm were former cellars and stables

The 4 villas are within the former cellar/stables building. The original building was altered by the former owner’s father to create four 2-storey apartments within the altered former farm building. The building was raised approximately 1.5m to create a first floor. The alterations went through an approval process that included various civic organisations.

The only value remaining of the buildings is an historical value as the building dates from pre-1898.


The Hohls family first came to South Africa from Germany in 1858. Johann Heinrich Hohls arrived in Durban by ship and settled in the Natal Midlands to start missionary work. The Midlands area has a large German community and many of the small farming villages are named after German towns in Europe.

In 1962 Colin’s paternal grandmother, Hildegard Hohls (nee Tschirpig) originally bought 80 hectares of land in Dalton. The timber farm was named Vogelvlei.

In 1980 Colin’s father, Egmont Hohls, bought the neighbouring farm called Moira.

Colin attended New Hanover Primary School until Grade 2 and then went on to Wartburg Primary School. He completed his high school years at Wartburg High School in 1988.

After spending 2 years doing his army training in the Airforce, Colin spent 2 years studying at Cedara Agricultural College in Pietermaritzburg.

In 1993 he began his farming career alongside his father at Moira Farm in Dalton until 1997 when the farm was sold. The family bought a sugarcane farm in Eshowe, Zululand in 1997.

Since then, Colin has established farms in the Eshowe, Melmoth, Mtunzini and Harburg areas. He does mixed farming comprising of avocados, macadamia nuts, sugarcane, timber and cattle.

In 2021 Colin bought Goudmyn Farm and has renamed the farm Sunset Farm after one of his farms in KZN.


Sunset Farm Stellenbosch is a new business venture, we look forward to welcoming guests from all around the world!

Previous Owners of the farm